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Top 6 Scenic Scenic Rail Journeys to See Switzerland in a Different Way

A rail journey along one of the unique panoramic routes will be a jewel of a trip to Switzerland at any time of the year. Choose the right one suitable for you by time and place of departure and arrival and you will get the opportunity to get to know the country from a completely new perspective.

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What’s New with Les Trois Vallées

Les Trois Vallées, or Three Valleys is the world’s biggest ski area composed by such best-known resorts as Courchevel, Méribel, Val Thorens, etc. Being the leader, it continuously provides upgrades and new entertainments. We have selected the most interesting novelties of the Three Valleys for you.

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What to Do in Val-d’Isère

Val-d'Isère is one of the top 10 best European ski resorts. It deserved this title due to the impressive length of pistes (more than 300 km) and a well-functioning infrastructure. You don’t even have to take off your skis here to move from one skiing area to another. Moreover, after the Olympics in Albertville, absolutely everything in this resort town was equipped to the highest level : starting from illuminated beautiful modern buildings to marvelous restaurants.

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Guide to the French Alps Resorts – Courchevel

Where do you think the largest ski resorts on earth are located? In France! They are all concentrated around the highest mountain in Europe – Mont Blanc. Read our guide and find the best resort for your ski holidays. First part is about Courchevel.

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Things to Do in the Alps if You Don’t Like Skiing

The Alps can boast of the highest peaks in Europe and excellent ski infrastructure. However, you do not need to be keen of skiing or snowboarding to have a good time here. Here we suggest some resorts where you can find much more than just skiing on the slopes.

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Alpine Cheese Cuisine

The Alps unite several countries: France, Switzerland and Italy, which have, among other things, excellent cheese cuisine. Close your eyes and imagine the Alps. Mountains, mountains, mountains, sparkling snow and ... highly-polished fondue pots as well as culinary delights covered with golden cheese crust. So it is the right time to make a cheese trip.

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How to spend one day in Zermatt

When you first see Zermatt you feel as if you are in Wonderland. This charming city in the shadow of the famous Matterhorn Mount has been the center of mountaineering and skiing for many years. The sites we suggest will make Zermatt your favorite vacation spot. And not only in winter.

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No filter: 6 Wonderfully Photogenic Spots in Europe

Instagram just teems with numerous travel-photos. But some locations are most popular among hundreds of thousands of instagrammers. We will tell you which places hold the palm of victory. Your inspiration starts in...

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Oscar for Beauty. Top 7 Alpine Villages

We believe that the beauty of the Alps can be not only in glorious mountains but also alpine villages. Since the largest and highest mountain range in Europe span eight countries, including France, Italy, Switzerland, Monaco, Germany, Slovenia, Lichtenstein, and Austria, there are enough nominees for the “Alpine Oscar”. Travelling through the countries tightly sewn together with the threads of the Alps, we’ve chosen the winners.

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