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about us

Houseville is a vacation rental agency that assists holidaymakers in selecting and booking their villas, chalets and yachts.

We specialise in helping you find the ideal property type for your family holiday or vacations with friends. Our personal service includes taking care of the paperwork and arranging special requests, such as transfers, meals, personal chef, or nanny.

Established in 2007, Houseville has since expanded with a catalogue of more than 3,000 verified properties to choose from. Our managers and local representatives visit each villa and chalet on our list to ensure they meet our strict standards of comfort, luxury and quality.

As aesthetes ourselves, we pay special attention to what makes a property stand out when selecting holiday destinations, particularly its interior furnishings, finished materials and surrounds.

In order to ensure you fully enjoy your accommodation and the place where you'll be spending your vacation, we have a policy of inspecting every accommodation we suggest at the pre-booking stage. As part of our inspection, we take into account any nearby pollution or planned disruptions that may coincide with your stay.

We currently offer holidays in 12 countries, from tropical islands to European ski resorts, to the best places for yachting. As we continue to expand, we maintain a special connection with Thailand, our favourite destination and where Houseville started more than a decade ago. The Thai islands are no strangers to us and we have local knowledge of where to go for seclusion or an active nightlife.

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How we work:

With our expertise and vast network of partners, we help simplify your search for your ideal vacation rental by assisting you each step of the way.

Step #1

After receiving your comment on the options suggested, we will improve the search and make a top list, which is worth paying attention to.

4 steps
Step #2

You'll have the opportunity to provide feedback on the selections we suggested. We'll then narrow down the search and create a top list that is worth paying more attention to.

4 steps
Step #3

You pick the options you like most from the top list. We then negotiate with our partners and prepare a detailed offer to provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice.

4 steps
Step #4

Once you've decided on the ideal option, we prepare the rental arrangement documents and start getting ready for your arrival.

All documents are signed using on-line services and digital signatures so you do not need to visit our office. You can contact your manager by messenger, phone or email. We have well-established remote support: wherever you are, your consultant remains in touch and helps to resolve issues that arise during your journey.

Quality of service is our fad. We do not seek to sell the first offer and wash our hands off. We are always looking for the place you like, let it take 5, 6 or even 10 times to review the catalogue and poke around all our partners. We are satisfied only when you have the holidays of your dream.

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