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Yachting in Sicily: Where to Cast Anchor

Travelling around Sicily and the nearby islands by yacht is an unforgettable adventure. Emerald-green waves, smooth bends of the seacoast, bright greenery, and picturesque scenery – that's a small list of what you can enjoy onboard the yacht.

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Taste of Italy: Where to Try Italian Specialties

Italy and food can be discussed timelessly. Not to mention Italian cuisine with its diversity and abundance of tastes. But even in Italy, the most delicious roads do not always lead to Rome. Let's mark on the map the most «delicious» cities that have become famous due to some product.

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Limoncello. The Sun of Italy

Limoncello is the same symbol of Italian taste as pasta, mozzarella, and pizza. Once in Italy, you cannot avoid a «meeting» with this sun-colour liqueur. They serve it almost everywhere. Be sure, you will fall in love with it from the first smack and will finish each dinner with eat asking yourself an intimate question:  «What did I find in it?»

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Garda Welcomes! Or What to Do in the Alps in Summer

No doubt, the Northern part of Lake Garda is one of the most comfortable and hospitable places as a summer holiday destination in Europe. Hard to believe, but mountain lovers, sky conquerors, those hungry for extreme water sports and those who are simply seeking peace and tranquility – all will find their paradise here.

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No filter: 6 Wonderfully Photogenic Spots in Europe

Instagram just teems with numerous travel-photos. But some locations are most popular among hundreds of thousands of instagrammers. We will tell you which places hold the palm of victory. Your inspiration starts in...

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Crete vs Capri. What is better?

When it comes to a place for vacation, the choice can be very difficult. So, where to set up your vacation GPS-navigator: Greece or Italy? Crete or Capri? We'll try to help...

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