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The Magic of Mykonos: a Brief Guide

The sea, wind, birds, and whitewashed churches with gold-plated domes make the island of Mykonos unique. Every evening, travelers and local citizens gather in open-air cafés to have a glass of ouzo and watch the sun slowly setting in the quiet Aegean Sea.  The evening is a magic time when life on the island is just beginning. Don’t hurry! It is not the Greek tradition. But if you make a short plan of action in advance, you will have time for everything and even more.

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No filter: 6 Wonderfully Photogenic Spots in Europe

Instagram just teems with numerous travel-photos. But some locations are most popular among hundreds of thousands of instagrammers. We will tell you which places hold the palm of victory. Your inspiration starts in...

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Crete vs Capri. What is better?

When it comes to a place for vacation, the choice can be very difficult. So, where to set up your vacation GPS-navigator: Greece or Italy? Crete or Capri? We'll try to help...

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Quick Guide to selected Greek Islands

Santorini, Mykonos, Corfu, Crete, Zakynthos, Paros. Sounds like magic spells. Actually, these are the names of amazing Greek islands, full of sunlight, excellent food, decalitres of budget-friendly but incredible wines and the sea of 50 shades of blue. As in real Greece, you can find everything here.

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