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Sun-Soaked Paradise: 5 Interesting Dubrovnik Beaches

We have found for you the most unusual and most diverse sun-soaked places in this city. You will have the opportunity to swim along the ancient fortress walls admiring their old masonwork. You can lie in the sun on a concrete slab a few hundred meters from the Old Town or do active sports and show off your new swimsuit.

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What To See In Croatia. Guide to National Parks

Despite its small area, Croatia has everything to satisfy the most demanding tourists: fabulous cities, clean beaches in the shade of sprawling pines, and turquoise clear sea. Everyone will quickly find a favorite place for a peaceful holiday. However, visitors to Croatia often miss natural beauty that is no less noteworthy. Perhaps our article about Croatian national parks will help those who already love this country take a fresh look to it or will help the newcomers to choose the best place for holidays.

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