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Top 7 Northern Thai Dishes

Spicy Tom Yum Soup, green papaya salad, and fried rice. Think you know everything about Thai food? Thailand’s cuisine duffers in form and taste in every province, and the dishes of Northern Thailand are no exception.

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Top-10 Beaches of the Dominican Republic

Having landed in the Dominican Republic after a long flight, you understand why this piece of land was called a paradise. By the way, it is the most visited location in the Caribbean. As resorts here are inseparable from the beaches, we will tell you about the 10 most beautiful and sunny places on the whole island which are not limited to the famous Punta Cana.

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No filter: 6 Wonderfully Photogenic Spots in Europe

Instagram just teems with numerous travel-photos. But some locations are most popular among hundreds of thousands of instagrammers. We will tell you which places hold the palm of victory. Your inspiration starts in...

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Oscar for Beauty. Top 7 Alpine Villages

We believe that the beauty of the Alps can be not only in glorious mountains but also alpine villages. Since the largest and highest mountain range in Europe span eight countries, including France, Italy, Switzerland, Monaco, Germany, Slovenia, Lichtenstein, and Austria, there are enough nominees for the “Alpine Oscar”. Travelling through the countries tightly sewn together with the threads of the Alps, we’ve chosen the winners.

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5 Fairy-Tale Castles you Must Visit

The Knights of the Round Table, ladies in the tedious waiting of a charming saviour and fire-drakes are back in style. The Lord of the Rings and The Game of Thrones made medieval romance more popular than ever. There are a lot of fairy-tale castles in the world but we created for you the list of most magical ones.

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