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5 Attractive Destinations in Spain

When we mention a trip to Spain, most often we mean popular Barcelona, which seems to be the epicenter of the unrivaled culture, genius art, and amazing cuisine. Of course, this is true, but what about the rest of the country? Don’t forget that rich and diverse Spain is not limited to Barcelona. We recommend 5 attractive destinations in Spain to put on your wish list.

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Delicious Spain

Spain is literally studded with Michelin-star restaurants. A visit to such a restaurant is like chatting with an Oscar-winner. You please your self-esteem, feast your taste, and collect thousands of likes in social networks. So don’t waste time for needless doubts and enjoy a culinary journey around stylish places combined with beach rest.  

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5 Fairy-Tale Castles you Must Visit

The Knights of the Round Table, ladies in the tedious waiting of a charming saviour and fire-drakes are back in style. The Lord of the Rings and The Game of Thrones made medieval romance more popular than ever. There are a lot of fairy-tale castles in the world but we created for you the list of most magical ones.

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