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Unknown Cote d’Azur: Top Places to See in the South of France

Travelers in France are mostly drawn to mainstream destinations like Nice, Cannes, and St Tropez. However, French Riviera offers not only this part but also Cote d’Azur little-known for tourists with quiet medieval streets and cozy clubbish restaurants. Once these places inspired famous artists, and now you can enjoy them too.

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No filter: 6 Wonderfully Photogenic Spots in Europe

Instagram just teems with numerous travel-photos. But some locations are most popular among hundreds of thousands of instagrammers. We will tell you which places hold the palm of victory. Your inspiration starts in...

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7 reasons to fall in love with Provence

Blue skies, fragrant fields, fabulous wine and charming fishing villages, the Provence's delights are too numerous to describe them all. But to fall in love with this tasty morsel of France here's just seven reasons why you should immediately schedule a trip to the south of France. Provence deserves not even universal love but universal worship.

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8 Incredible Places To Visit In The South Of France

Côte d'Azur has maintained a glam reputation for over 100 years. Its treasures include idyllic landscapes, medieval towns and outstanding resorts. Whether you are looking for going crazy at a celebrity-filled club or prefer secluded seaside walks, here are eight must-see places to visit when travelling to the South of France.

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