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Top 3 Croatian Islands to Spend Vacations
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Top 3 Croatian Islands to Spend Vacations

If you are fond of islands and prefer to spend vacations there, Croatia is the right choice as this is definitely the place where you will have much to choose from. There are over a thousand isles here covered with lush greenery including the ones of picturesque karst rocks. There are large islands that need not a single day to explore and tiny points of the islands scattered on the turquoise surface of the Adriatic Sea. There are almost lost islands, where you will find nothing but a lonely lighthouse, and islands with developed infrastructure with vibrant resort life.

Of over 1,200 islands dotted along 2,000 km of the beautiful Croatian coastline, just 47 splendid and distinctive islands are inhabited. We offer our selection of 3 worthy of your attention. Choose your ideal island for the perfect vacation!


Brač Island is the longest and most elevated island in central Dalmatia, 48 km long, 14 km wide, covering 394 square kilometers. It even has its own airport, making it the ultimate vacation destination.

Despite its proximity to Split, Brač is less touristy than the glamorous Hvar and Korcula in southern Croatia. For that reason, it is excellent for those who love calm and comfortable family vacations. At the same time, you will never be bored here. In addition to its beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea, Brač boasts a rich and fascinating history as it has been inhabited since Neolithic times. For example, there is a whole city-museum of Skrip, where you can stroll old streets for the entire day long enjoying the architecture of ancient churches and mansions. One of Skrip palaces hosts an archaeological museum with a gorgeous collection of artifacts.

If you love hiking and mountains, you will like to know that Brač is home to the highest peak in the Adriatic Islands, Vidova Gora. The name speaks for itself. From the top you can admire a beautiful view of the town of Bol, the Zlatni Rat (Golden Cape) beach, located on the bay-bar, and the island of Hvar.

Brač is also a great destination for diving. The transparent sea and the relief bottom of the Spilice Bay are simply created for this. Do you like this kind of vacation? Check out our selection of villas on Brač


You’ve probably already heard of Hvar. Firstly, it’s just beautiful. Secondly, Hvar island boasts 2724 hours of sunshine a year, which is very pleasant.

Moreover, this sunny resort has a reputation of the swankiest of Croatian destinations. But despite its money-soaked town center with its fine restaurants, great shops and expensive hotels, there are cozy little coastal towns of Stari Grad and Jelsa without crowds of tourists, and you’ll find history, colorful local culture and, of course, incredibly delicious food there.

What else to see in Hvar? Well, at least St. Stephen’s Cathedral is a must-see. Its majestic bell tower with narrow Renaissance arches is an unforgettable sight in the evenings, when the white stone is beautifully illuminated by the sunset. If you get in the cathedral, you can admire a real treasury of Renaissance art. Here you can see the works of Stefano Celesti and the lesser-known Spanish painter Juan Boshettus. Don’t miss the Madonna and Child, a 1220s Venetian work by an unknown artist.

Ascending from the main square of Hvar, passing through Porta di Datallo, you can climb the steep stairs to the Spanjola Fortress, a Venetian fortress of the 1500s. It’s in a very good condition for its age.

You can also enjoy a view of the magnificent Renaissance Franciscan monastery directly from the neighboring beach. Walled on the outside, the monastery is located near the harbor and is easily recognizable by its high bell tower visible from all over the city. Choose where to stay from our selection of villas in Hvar


Vis island is a special place even for Croatians who consider this a truly unspoiled place and an example of the best of the Dalmatian coast. And this is the opinion of people who know their country like no one else. Vis is chosen for a quiet holiday by the magnificent clear sea, where you can fish, swim and dive. Of course, you can find parties here also, although the won’t be as noisy as on other islands. However, the same cannot be said about gastronomy. Food on Vis is excellent and not worse than on other Dalmatian islands. Seaside restaurants offer the freshest seafood dishes that will certainly delight your taste buds.

Vis is home to secluded beaches with turquoise water, vast vineyards and wineries where some of the most delicious wines in Croatia are made. It is also the island where the stunningly beautiful Stiniva Beach is located, which was recognized as the best beach in Europe in 2019. And for good reason! This secluded aquamarine cove with pebble shores surrounded by cliffs is really something!

A picturesque town of Komiza here used to be a fishing village. Wander through its ancient cobblestone alleys to see 17th-18th century houses. The harbor located in the city center has been used from the 12th century to the present day. Enjoy a cup of coffee in the shade of the terrace on the nearby embankment with its cafes and restaurants. The town is located at the foot of Mount Hum and these views only add to its likes.

Choose a cosy villa on Vis.

Whichever island you choose, remember one irreplaceable word in Croatian – fjaka. Fjaka is the word Dalmatians use to describe a delightfully lazy mood of complete satisfaction with what is going on. It really sounds like the perfect vacation, doesn’t it?



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