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Holidays in Croatia during the COVID-19 epidemic

Our guest, Olga, spent her vacations with a large family in Croatian Istria in August 2020 and agreed to share her impressions of the PRCR 0130 villa and Houseville services.

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Courchevel. Ski holidays for a large family

Everyone understands “perfect vacation in the mountains” in his or her own way. Someone needs nearby restaurants, others – just silence and a fireplace, and still others – an active ski program for the whole family. The latter was an ideal holiday for our guest, Denis, who had vacations in Courchevel 1650 in ECA 0332 apartments.

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Winter Vacations in Verbier. Staying in an Apartment

Our guest, Yelizaveta, spent vacations in Verbier. She was so kind to provide us with a feedback on the apartment ECA 0222 and Houseville’s services.

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