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Phuket:  Insta-Villa with the Best View
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Phuket:  Insta-Villa with the Best View

Phuket is an amazing place. The diversity of this island allows anyone to have a holiday of his or her dream. One part of the island is well-known by the parties all night through (or even 24 hours long) with go-go girls, while having rest in the other part, you can feel the real idyll of nature and man’s fusion where any traveler tired of hustle and bustle can find peace and joy. This is the Cape Yamu district, which is a vivid embodiment of luxury, privacy and sophistication. Right next to it one of the most beautiful villas in Phuket rests in silence and beauty.

If we had to describe this villa in one word, it would be the word “view”. The villa is located on the natural heights in a tropical garden, thanks to which it offers unrivaled views of the sea, jungle and mountains on the east coast of Phuket.

Large floor-to-ceiling sliding doors in each room create the effect of living in the lap of exotic nature, although modern design and all the necessary amenities make it an incredibly comfortable place to stay even for avid citizens. You can feel the sea breeze and listen to the birds singing without leaving the villa. Meet the most beautiful sunrises in the world and see off the days of vacation counting the best sunsets in your life. Again, you can do this even lying in bed thanks to the huge panoramic windows. 

If we had to describe this villa in one word, it would be the word “view”

The villa is very instagramic, in a good way. Here you will not be disturbed by crowds of tourists who want to take a photo, but every corner of this house is simply created for beautiful shots. Filled with light and surrounded by tropical greenery, made of natural materials in the classic Asian style, the villa just asks you to take up the camera.  But it’s no wonder they say that people quickly get used to the good: over time you just relax and enjoy the tropics in your personal comfortable paradise. 

And now let’s get in more details. 

The villa has seven bedrooms. The living room with high ceilings and the original gabled roof and intricate wooden panels makes an indelible impression. In the evenings, huge designer chandeliers light up the room.

The dining room has a large dining table. The living room is flooded with light thanks to large sliding doors, through which you can go to the pool. All your breakfasts, lunches and dinners will be accompanied by the singing of birds and views of the tropics and mountains. Can you imagine that?

Every corner of this house is simply created for beautiful shots

All bedrooms, decorated in a contemporary style with bright elements of decoration and individual style, boast stunning views of the sea, pool and garden. One of the bedrooms is located in a separate pavilion, to which a stone-paved path leads. Each bathroom will become your private spa area, which goes straight into the garden – you can open glass doors and enjoy spa treatments with the singing of birds with a stunning view. Each bedroom has a private balcony or terrace from which you can watch the life of the island.

But the main attraction of this villa swimming pools. There are two of them at the top and main level. From here there is a magnificent view of the sea and the jungle! What can be better than swimming surrounded by wildlife, away from prying eyes and enjoying a fantastic view? 

The main attraction of this villa – swimming pools

When you get used to the beauty around and finally decide to leave your shelter in the jungle, you will be happy again that the villa is on Phuket as this island never sleeps and offers entertainment to fit every taste!

If you want to make the more intimate acquaintance of Buddhism and get to know yourself better, go to the famous Big Buddha temple, where you can get acquainted with the main monk and get his blessing (and a ribbon around your wrist). When the personal jungle is not enough for you: climb the Monkey Mountain and see hundreds of annoying but funny monkeys. 

Need a local flavor? Visit a local market and try to taste as many local delicacies as possible. Some of them are rather strange in appearance and taste, but food is the best way to get to know the local culture. And when the experiments are over, you can go to one of dozens of restaurants: almost all the most famous world cuisines are served on the island!

This island never sleeps and offers entertainment to fit every taste

The soul asks for adventure and the body – for healing? Try to get lost in the SuperChip classic Thai shopping center, looking like a warehouse, and find a pharmacy supermarket there. Stock up on local healing drugs for three future generations or at least look at what they used here for treatment for centuries. 

And, of course, massages: there are dozens of salons on the island offering the most authentic Thai massages that can cause real addiction! Despite the fact that this massage will not surprise anyone as salons open in every city in the world, it’s worth learning how to determine a truly good massage in Thailand. It is an unrivaled experience. 

Are you ready for the best rest in your life?  Your villa is already waiting fort you!


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